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Friday, October 31, 2014

Allison Woolbert- Working in Overdrive and Overtime

Lately I've been working really long hours on hard subjects.  Working and investigating transgender violence, murders and harassment can leave a serious toll on a persons mental health.  For all those that work in these trauma inducing areas, Allison Woolbert, Founder of the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal  and CEO of Phoenix Consultants Group has some helpful suggestions on how she continues to stay healthy and upbeat (well mostly) even in the face of such harsh realities.

So here we go:

Suggestion One:  Always take a break when you are overwhelmed.  Whether it is going to get a drink, going outside, listening to music, or calling a friend, taking a break is one of the most helpful things I do when getting overwhelmed with the violence.

Suggestion Two:  Pick up something that really is one of your favorite smells.  A vanilla candle, a nice cinnamon, or even your favorite fragrance or perfume.  Whatever it is, the smell will bring you back to some of those wonderful thoughts and moments of joy.

Suggestion Three:  Take a shower, hot bath, put an ice pack on yourself but change the temperature of how your body may be feeling.  Often times, even a hot cup of your favorite liquid (Rojos' Coffee - YES!)  can shift your mind out of the horrible things that you read or see.

At the end of the day, minimizing the trauma of working with some of these types of data can be managed and the effects they have on you minimized.  Remember to take good care of yourself at all times and in so doing, you can continue the work the next day, and the next.

allison woolbert
Allison Woolbert
Now who is this woman? :  Allison Woolbert is a writer, advocate, parent, researcher, CEO, adventurist and so many other things that it's hard to list.  Her thoughts and suggestions have been requested numerous times by friends and as Allison says- "If my advice doesn't work for you- put it in a brown paper bag, and set it down beside your path as you journey forward leaving it far behind."

May we all have a very special journey and joy in as many steps as possible!

Allison Woolbert

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Allison Woollberts' Transgender Violence Tracking Portal utilized by Louisiana Trans Advocates

We are using the data generated by the program Allison Woolbert, a trans-advocate and professional computer software developer in Princeton, New Jersey for our annual Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR). 

Louisiana Trans Advocates has tried to work with other programs but Ms. Allison Woolbert has been able to generate a way of capturing a verifiable and searchable database. There were well intended efforts in the past but there were some difficulties in being able to document all the cases of murdered transgender individuals. 

With the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal in place, the TDOR information is more likely to be seen by the general public as valid.  Plus, thanks to the efforts of our friend and associate, Ms. Allison Woolbert, we are able to add other forms of violence such as serious cases of assault, and the tragic incidences where gender dysphoric people are only able to consider suicide as an end to their struggles.

Elizabeth Jenkins LTA Board President