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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Allison Denise Woolbert- Friends in the Making

On December 28, 2014, a 17 year old stepped, with deliberation, on to the path of a tractor-trailer on a highway in Ohio.

RIP Leelah Alcorn.

Her suicide note painfully cried out  "My death needs to mean something...Fix society. Please".

Does this small reminder of a young person's desperation speak to your heart? Do you feel her 
agony? Do you mourn her loss?

Leelah was a transgender individual. A person  who evidentially felt so loathed and was so disparaged by her fellow human beings that she chose to take her own life in a most horrific manner.

This communication, however, has to do with the living...namely a human being by the name of Allison Denise Woolbert.

I've enjoyed the pleasure of her company on only one occasion...and I believe it takes a bit more than a chicken dinner and a cup of coffee to call someone a "friend"....but there is promise there. We simply have to spend more time, share more thoughts and feelings; get to know each other better....and I do believe she will slide very smoothly in to the "friend" category.

She has an honest, straightforward and respectful approach. She is intelligent, humorous and seems to be a good person in all senses of the word.

It was a pleasure to be in her company and I look forward to the next time when we get to know each other a bit better.

In the meantime, those with small brains and big mouths are asked to expand the former and shut the latter.



Thursday, January 29, 2015

Enact Leelah's Law Petition breaks 100K - Written by Allison Woolbert

On January 3rd this year, Allison Woolbert wrote a petition and posted it on the site.  It was a petition that called for the President to respond and end the so called 'conversion therapy' against our youth.   

Today, in less than one month, 100,000 people have agreed and asked President Obama to end 'conversion therapy'.  Thank you goes out to every single signer and any person who believes we should stop the hate towards transgender people in this country.  

Leelahs Law

When Allison Woolbert wrote the petition, she had written the week  prior the petition at that hit over 300,000 signatures in just ten days. reported it was the fastest growing petition of 2014.  Frankly I wish Leelah was alive and that I never had to write it.

I believe Leelah's death should not be forgotten.  I believe that there are countless others that should never be forgotten.   

On Sunday, December 27, 2014, Leelah Alcorn a 17 year old transgender youth wrote a suicide note (NEW LINK for note- ;, posted it on Tumblr and then walked out to a highway and out in front of a semi-truck tragically ending her life.  In her last post, Leelah explained how her parents had forced her to attend conversion therapy, pulled her out of school and isolated her in an attempt to change her gender identity.  One of the last things Leelah wrote is as follows: 

"My death needs to be counted in the number of transgender people who commit suicide this year. I want someone to look at that number and say “that’s fucked up” and fix it. Fix society. Please.“ -Leelah Alcorn
Allison Woolbert is the CEO of Phoenix Consultants Group, an expert national software development firm. Allison brings her unique perspective and humor that draws on a rich variety and unusual breadth of experience as a woman in the 21st century.  Allison Woolbert continues to bring her unusual knowledge, experience and writings to the world at large. Allison also has many admirers and fans that love her and  continue to be supportive on her journeys and quests!
And for those who like to follow me as stalkers- 

Goddess Voldemort

An Amazing Woman - Allison Woolbert by Jackie R.

I met this amazing woman Allison Woobert a little over 6 years ago, she was still just starting to transition at the time. I saw and heard the pain in her life and my heart went out to her.  She very quickly became a dear friend and as time went on and I got to know this person who had come into my life.  I was in awe of the size of her heart. From the very start, she wanted to help others!! Here she was, her life falling apart around her and who was she thinking about; NOT herself, but of others like her and she did NOT want them to suffer as she was, and she swore she would do something to help them.. She has made it a point to fight (using words and education) any person or group who threatened transgender people. Male or female, to her it makes no difference, we are people to her, who deserve to be able live a happy content life without being in fear or pain. 

In time the idea that our community had so many suicides and we were being beaten and murdered at such an alarming rate, higher than genetic women or men, really upset her!! She was at her wits end to bring that to the eyes of the world and put a stop to it..  She never missed a Day of Remembrance Ceremony, she was often a key speaker. I have never seen her speak at one of these ceremonies the she did not have tears running down her face... it breaks her heart. Unlike others who give lip service, she gives her heart!! 

It took her a while, but she started a group called Trans* Violence Tracking Portal (TVTP) to help find cases of murdered Trans men and women that the police had let just drop because no one seemed to care  and it was so very successful.  It has help reopen and solve several other wise forgotten cases and justice has been done!. She has given up so much of her time AND money to do this kind work, not because Allison Woolbert had to, but because she really cares with all her heart!!!

But this has not come at a price. She has gotten the attention of those who HATE Transgender people for whatever reason and who would want us to just go away and die and THEY have attacked this wonderful lady and tried to destroy NOT only her work, but her legacy. They have told lies and slanderous stories in order to cast doubt on her honesty and motives. THEY are the ones who are of black heart and would do us harm, NOT Allison, she labored for us every day and has asked for NOTHING  and I see people who had exclaimed friendship turn on her and take the haters side in an instant forgetting that it was SHE who had done the work, SHE who had sacrificed, NOT them. 

She had fought for them day in and day out... never stopping always there, and how have they repaid her?? By attacking her because of hateful stories about her PAST.. She is NOT the person she was all those years ago!! NO ONE is. We have all changed, and yet they judge her on a past long gone and irrelevant. 

She got the petition for Leelah’s Law up and signed and sent to the President to stop the so called conversion therapy of trans children. Today one petition has over 300K who have signed it and the site has almost 100K today. 

The transgender community will sink once again into the tar pit of hate, cowardice and uncaring, as before. Just like the Bible wavers and Homophobes want for transgender people to be ignored and allowed to be exterminated like before with NO justice.  

It breaks my heart that Allison Woolbert has given so much and helped so many and now they turn their backs and jump on the hater’s band wagon. This is why transgender people will NEVER be free to live our lives.. WE are our own worst enemy NOT Allison. She is our Joan of  Arc and like Joan, she has been cast off and left to die no longer seen as the hero she is. This is why others will not stand up and speak! The cowards are NOT trust worthy and will not stand with Allison Woolbert when times get hard, you scatter or pick up a rock yourself. 

This community, and I use that word very loosely, is a disgrace and I am proud to know Allison Woolbert and will stand not behind, but beside her for as long as she wants me there. she is MY hero!! and she deserves better than cowards!

Jackie R.

Monday, January 26, 2015

My Friend Allison Woolbert - Allison & Amethyst

I first met Allison Woolbert at a course we were both taking on Elements. The course was lead by two people that I have taken courses from before and had become friends with as well. Allison had graciously offered her home for this series of classes. Several of us met in Allison’s living room once a week. We were offered refreshments and had time for swapping stories and conversation after class. I guess I would call Allison’s home quaint, homey and a bit rustic. I felt very comfortable in Allison house. Besides learning the course material and loving the instructors I made two new friends Allison and Debbie.

Although I’m not very good at making new friends due in part to my crazy
work schedule (and other issues that remain from childhood experiences) Allison became a new friend. Allison and I saw each other at some  Circles  in Princeton. We tended to sit next to each other and chat. Another time we were sitting together was at a marriage ceremony at the church. Allison had been invited to participate in both the ceremony and the reception. Her outfit was lovely but I was eyeing the Amethyst Jewelry. Not only did I admired the jewelry but mentioned that I was going to an affair and looking for some purple jewelry to accessorize my outfit and Allison actually offered to let me borrow hers …even though at that point we had only know each other for a couple of months! I always think of Allison Woolbert and Amethyst together as I think of the purple stone alleviating negativity! This was even before I learned how much Allison has dedicated her time, energy, skills…her life….to alleviating so much of the negativity that others are faced with on a daily basis.

Then we became friends on Facebook and for quite a while Allison and I would instant message each other in the mornings. I would be at my desk having my breakfast and morning coffee and be chatting with Allison. Allison Woolbert and I always found something to discuss and found more and more that we are very simpatico. Then our schedules changed so our chatting was a bit more sporadic. I was just learning about the Transgender Violence Tracking project Allison created which has become an international tool for people and more recently the Leelah’s Law to be passed in the USA. This is some of Allison’s work (all volunteer) to save people from suffering, suicide and murder. If more of us could put even a tiny bit of our time into the type of work Allison Woolbert does, imagine what a better world we could have to live and thrive in!

My only regrets are missing Allison’s parties which I was invited to but did not attend (both the costume party and Birthday bash). Also that we have lived fairly close and have not gotten together more often and now Allison Woolbert is moving away. I’m sure we will remain cyber friends and will have to send you virtual hugs and kisses and wish you well form afar.

Thank you for being my friend Allison and thank you is not enough to say for how much you do to help others!!!

Linda P.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Meeting Biff- oh and Allison Woolbert

A friend of mine helped me out a while back and decided to write a small remembrance of the time we met.

Biff came into my life numerous years ago. His breed and demeanor was quiet and still, thus enabling him to assist Allison Woolbert in her adventures in new hope, pa.  She had a few days of recoup in a b&b, and frankly, really should have brought more snacks for this venture.

But Biff endured a lack of snacks, which from a dogs perspective, is a horrible offense. Biff endured.

I helped Biff get settled in Allison Woolberts room, and have kept an eye on him ever since.

He dealt with her when she set up hella tech in her house, set up a non profit, but mostly watched a lot of movies.

Pictures soon :)

Brian S.

Friday, January 23, 2015

In my memoirs on the good friends I have met, let me highlight Allison Woolbert

In my memoirs on the good friends I have met, let me highlight Allison Woolbert, I am very active in the Unitarian Universalist Church, as I have already shown. We have a national initiative in our church called "Standing on the Side of Love" and she is a frequent contributor. I was delighted to also read in one of her frequent articles that she was a transgender community activist, and it was a natural consequence that I would contact her. We began a social network friendship and because of similar interests and a similarity of slightly off center humor, we became Facebook friends. Later she would visit New Orleans and my partner and I had the please to take Ms. Woolbert on a tour, which was a great-time-had-by-all event. She self defines herself as "Allison Woolbert - Trans* Feminist, Bisexual, Polyamorous, Writer, Programmer, Advocate & More.." So I place here a partial excerpt from her bio:

"Allison Woolbert is the CEO of Phoenix Consultants Group, an expert national software development firm, founder of the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal. An educator, speaker, writer and advocate in gender bias, gender identity, gender expression, erasure, human rights equality and religious abuse, Allison brings her unique perspective and humor that draws on a rich variety and unusual breadth of experience as a gender-affirmed woman in the 21st century."

Meeting Allison Woolbert - A Wonderful Gift by Pete Knox

I first met Allison Denise Woolbert at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Southern New Jersey in 2008, only, at the time, she said, she sometimes went by the name 'Bud', my nickname for her. However, on that day, she was 'Allison.'

I had never known anyone who was transgender or wanted to transition, and, frankly, I was fascinated. One of my very best friends was gay and, I had learned a lot from her about the trials and tribulations of being a lesbian; I knew, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that homosexuality is anything BUT a “choice.” But this? I knew nothing and strove to understand.

Allison and I became fast friends: as Bud, she was an extraordinary woodworker – something I wanted to learn more about (I would give anything to have HALF of the knowledge she has in her head about woodworking!) I had the unique opportunity to follow her through her transition, both physically and mentally.

Her determination and devotion intrigued me the most; the stories of her painful youth, broke my heart and made me think, if she were my child, how would I have reacted? Allison Woolbert forced me to face what might have been uncomfortable for some people, except that her enthusiasm, as she moved forward in her transition and her sheer joy as she progressed, told me there was no better choice for her. She made it look, and seem, so natural.

I literally watched her develop from larvae, to pupae, to chrysalis and, finally, into an extraordinarily beautiful butterfly, first, through hormones, then through each and every surgery and through the process of becoming the woman that was always inside of her. And, she faced every step of the way with confidence and heroism; it was abundantly clear transitioning was exactly right.

In the end, I realized that Allison had been a true woman her entire life; that nature DOES make mistakes sometimes; that we, as human beings, were given the technology to correct those mistakes; and, when necessary, we not only should but we must.

Pete Knox