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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dear LGBTQ - Your Welcome.

Some days, you just have to say 'Your Welcome' even though 'Thank You' was never expressed for the deep equality work accomplished, for the time expended as an advocate, the impacts and education that happened with literally millions of people, for the personal financial contributions and sacrifices made on the behalf of equality for LGBTQ people.  

So there ya have it- "LGBTQ Your Welcome."  


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Allison Woolbert Accepts New Deputy Division Manager Position with the NSA

Allison Woolbert just accepted a fantastic position as Deputy Division Manager with the National Security Agency working within the Counter Intelligence Cyber-Warfare Unit.   This such a huge opportunity to really do what I enjoy doing!

Admiral Michael Rogers stated "We are looking forward to working with Ms. Woolbert given her skills and abilities to detect anomalies.  We are expecting Ms. Woolbert to be a great asset to this nation in preventing further cyber attacks and in helping bring about change to our existing security structures."

The six figure  salary is finally going to make a huge difference in my life!  After such a harsh couple of years, it appears I'll be the first ever Deputy with my skill set, gender, sexual orientation and personality who can make a real impact in the way the US Counterintelligence units do business!  The openness shown by the Admiral to change and providing a transparency level unheard of before at NSA is truly going to be wonderful and I can't wait!

It's amazing in that the NSA is working towards such reasonable goals as transparency and protection at the same time.  

Allison Woolbert is a computer technology expert who simply loves to play with new technologies and programming methodologies.  She's been working as a professional database and web developer for years and takes on many challenges that others simply can't figure out.  You can find her at Phoenix Consultants Group!