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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Allison Woolbert Accepts New Deputy Division Manager Position with the NSA

Allison Woolbert just accepted a fantastic position as Deputy Division Manager with the National Security Agency working within the Counter Intelligence Cyber-Warfare Unit.   This such a huge opportunity to really do what I enjoy doing!

Admiral Michael Rogers stated "We are looking forward to working with Ms. Woolbert given her skills and abilities to detect anomalies.  We are expecting Ms. Woolbert to be a great asset to this nation in preventing further cyber attacks and in helping bring about change to our existing security structures."

The six figure  salary is finally going to make a huge difference in my life!  After such a harsh couple of years, it appears I'll be the first ever Deputy with my skill set, gender, sexual orientation and personality who can make a real impact in the way the US Counterintelligence units do business!  The openness shown by the Admiral to change and providing a transparency level unheard of before at NSA is truly going to be wonderful and I can't wait!

It's amazing in that the NSA is working towards such reasonable goals as transparency and protection at the same time.  

Allison Woolbert is a computer technology expert who simply loves to play with new technologies and programming methodologies.  She's been working as a professional database and web developer for years and takes on many challenges that others simply can't figure out.  You can find her at Phoenix Consultants Group!

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