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Friday, August 1, 2014

Who the heck is Allison Woolbert????

Allison Woolbert grew up in Silver Bell, Arizona, a remote copper mining community (now a ghost town), where she never quite fit in.  She attended Abilene Christian University, where she didn’t fit in either; ended up in the US Air Force, where she definitely did not fit in; and in 2008 was introduced to the Unitarian Universalists (UU), where she finally started to feel like she fit in. 

She has been the CEO of Phoenix Consultants Group, a national software development firm, for the past 18 years; founder of the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal.  Allison founded Interweave of South Jersey to promote education, equality, and social justice for the LGBT community

An educator, speaker, writer and advocate in the field of gender bias, gender identity, gender expression, erasure, human rights equality and religious abuse, Allison brings her unique perspective and humor that draws on a rich variety and unusual breadth of experience as a gender-affirmed woman in the 21st century.  Her advocacy and speaking engagements have included sermons, workshops, regional conferences and social justice organizations throughout the east coast and abroad.  She provides guidance as an interfaith organizer balancing events that honor all religious beliefs as a spiritual pathway to respect and dignity of all.

She served as the Transgender Advocate for the UU-United Nations Office 2009- 2010. She is an organizer for nationwide Transgender Day of Remembrance vigils as well as a speaker and researcher dedicated to finding the media alerts of transgender individuals who have been murdered throughout the world. She has been on numerous direct non-violent action planning committees as an adviser for many of the ‘die-in’ demonstrations across the country raising awareness to the transgender murders that have been occurring.  

 Allison was the national UU contact for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) in conjunction with the UU Washington Office of Advocacy and Standing on the Side of Love.  Her advocacy efforts resulted in a 2010 Responsive Resolution at General Assembly to press for passage of ENDA through thousands of letters and phone calls to the House, Senate and White House.

Her professional interactive workshops concerning Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation (SOGI) create an affirming, but provocative environment where individual beliefs can be safely explored.  Workshops have been presented at the Murray Grove Annual Meeting, Joseph Priestly District Annual Conference, General Assembly 2010, Philadelphia Family Matters Conference, NJ CURA and others.

Allison is a credentialed practicing Reiki Master and healer.  

She has 5 wonderful children. She has an outstanding and continual relationships for over 45 years with her mentors and comforters; the speaking stuffed teddy bear Biff (as a child), the real life Boston Terrier, Biff, her very best friend as a youth who listened and played with her; and now Biff, her beautiful stuffed non-organic Boston Terrier (who is the best listener and comforter EVER!). She enjoys watching Biff’s reincarnation to new and exciting physical beings, perhaps mirroring her own?


  1. Allison Woolbert is one of the fiercest activist for multiple communities, creating beautiful, much-needed change in the world, especially for bisexuals and trans* individuals. Her dedication and work for the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal is impressive and incredible. I, for one, am extremely honored to know her.

  2. Allison Woolbert is a tireless and fearless warrior against trans violence everywhere. Day in and day out she faces reports of horrific violence inflicted on fellow human beings. She campaigns for human rights and dignity and the bisexual community is proud to have Allison in our corner. I am also proud to call her my friend.

  3. Allison Woolbert is not only a fierce advocate and activist for all people of the world, she is tireless in her efforts to prevent and record incidents of violence for Trans* people globally. As the Chief Activist & Advocate for The Pink Panthers Movement International Trans Chapter, I can honestly state that she is a welcome member of our International Trans* Family and that it is because of her efforts that Trans* people will one day be safe in their own communities. I am glad to work alongside her, and her sense of humour helps us make through some pretty horrid days... I am both privileged and honoured to know her and call her one of my closest friends.

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  5. I'm very proud to call Allison Woolbert a friend and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the work she does promoting diversity for all and her uber exciting work developing the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal.

  6. I just learned that Allison Woolbert is not only a twin after my own heart, but that Allison Woolbert is also a dyed-in-the-wool Air Force vet just like mee, Dee!!!! Hip, hip, hippity hip hooray! And she shares love of technology like me! I am no programmer but have built and networked computers...helped lots of people with troubleshooting, volunteered to teach seniors about computers....and my greatest accomplishment was when I networked two adversaries and got them to get along: Suse Linux and Windows!!!!!! That was back before Linux had to be installed the hard way...I love Allison Woolbert....because many things can be overcome, but never the act of fatal violence.