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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Superfund Sites in New Jersey Clearly Causing Issues with Public Figures

As Superfund Cleanup sites around New Jersey continue to be ignored or fines paid off (the politicians, not the actual fines owed) in an epic short sighted way (such as the Exxon facility in Linden, New Jersey), a recent study published by The Center for Chemical Contamination in Brain Chemistry of Mentally Degenerate Politicians (aka CFCCBCMDP), released a report on two political leaders from New Jersey that are showing epic brain cell disruptions in dramatically public ways.

With the addition of Chris Christie (born at the Newark Superfund area) and Antonin Scalia (born at the Trenton multiple Superfund sites) who have given profoundly gibberished public statements over the past five days, the displayed signs of such chemical contamination has alarmed scientists.

CFCCBCMDP Chief Scientist O'man Sariously stated that the effects of the chemical poisoning apparently can morph to the point where the individuals become super narcissists and incapable of rational and reasonable thought.  The new disease classification has been coined the Scalia-Christie Delusional God Poisoning Syndrome.

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