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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Allison Woolbert - Flying in Matsapha

Allison Woolbert never did like flying.  It's something that just simply doesn't make her a happy person watching the ground disappear out from under her while she realizes she is totally powerless and that there isn't a parachute.

I remember flying in some puddle jumper out of an airport once.  Sheer hold onto my seat and hope the plane doesn't drop was my wish for the day.  Yep- I joined the Air Force and hated to fly.  What a concept.

Matsapha, Swaziland has an airport.  It has a single carrier that does five flights a day.  Take a look here at the Arrivals gate:

I remember seeing things like this in the movies and in photo's during the 60's.  Yes, this was built in the 60's.  The treated medal doorways with a tinish type of roof.  At least the tower looks fairly modern and appears to be in good maintenance.  That means  safer travel right???!?!?

The weather at Matsapha has been somewhat warm compared to the New Jersey temperatures.  (Allison balances in her hand the 80 degrees at Matsapha compared to the ice in New Jersey).  Ok, the temperatures at the airport are just fine with me.  Coming from Tucson Arizona 88 degrees is just a cake walk on a fun day although the 62% humidity seems a little high compared to Tucson's ZERO DEGREE HUMIDITY (but it's DRY heat!) !

So, what does Allison Woolbert think of all this?  You might wonder what in the world would be in Swaziland and a why a stop at this airport.  An airport proudly says the following:

"This operation accounts for a majority of the 70,000 passengers that pass through Matsapha International Airport each year. In addition to the Swaziland Airlink, there are a number of general aviation activities at Matsapha International Airport. These include the Umbutfo Swaziland Defence Force's Air Wing." 

I cannot imagine 70K passengers coming through the airport. It just seems like a lot of people to me.  I think that works out to 7 stadiums full at Shea Stadium.  Not sure though

So let's talk about the Umbutfo Swaziland Defence Force's Air Wing-
ok, so this is where it stands- I'm not going to talk about it.  To be honest, I just don't know enough about it to sit and discuss the Swaziland Air Force.  It seems like a strange looking plane to me though and I wonder what it really does.

So- where to next you might ask and why this airport...  Questions abound!

Allison Woolbert is a person who has a curiosity that goes far beyond the normal day to day understandings that most people have.  As a child, she was always into some of the most interesting positions that caused her to climb through windows, up onto piles of things or simply pick up something that was a curiosity to her.  

Did you know Allison Woolbert is a programmer?  She writes custom software including websites and has been developing all sorts of nifty computer tools for people.  From data tracking engines to secret squirrel work for sources she cannot name, professional software development is what her company Phoenix Consultants Group does.  Check out it out!

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