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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Allison Woolbert says READ THIS story on EROTICA NOW!

So this has to be one of the best articles ever that I've seen and read.  It actually would work well in Alabama, and Atlanta for the most part.  I think Judge Moore would be pleased to visit and try a few things on for size in that all to big mouth of his!

As the Huffington Post Says:
"It's the Garden of Hedon!
Katai Kamminga erected what is quite possibly the first erotic garden (and teahouse!) in Southeast Asia, blurring the oh-so-thin line between sex organs and stamen. The Erotic Garden and Teahouse in Mae Rim, Thailand features suggestive vegetable sculptures, landscaped breasts and all the phalluses your eyes can handle.
"Everything is erotic!" Katai told Chiang Mai News during a walkthrough of the sculpture park. "[Even the] onion can be sexy -- maybe for some people ... Mmmm, sexy plums."
Katai reportedly got hot and bothered about erotica when she was given a book about erotic art around the world. It was new to her, and she wanted the edgy art on display in her home country. Check it out:

A sculpture of a women hugging a large phallus is displayed at the Erotic Garden and Teahouse on February 6, 2015 in Mae Rim, Thailand. The Erotic Garden and Teahouse opened in January and claims to be the first garden of its kind in Asia.
See more here at the total Huffington Post Article!
Allison Woolbert is an avid reader of the Huffington Post and other fun distorted media outlets.  Allison works hard to insure that all things printed are annotated with the latest bookmarks (seriously are you reading this!).....
Allison Woolbert, sexy invigorating and masterful woman. Goddess of the Phoenix Empire!  Learn more about the Phoenix Empire soon----  It's coming.... With flames and tears and a few little claw marks.  yep... keep them eyes ready for it!

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