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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sharks Terrified at New 'Anti-Eat' NC Legislation

Sharks terrified at new 'anti-eat' legislation being discussed by the North Carolina Political figures have called for a public "Feed In" around North Carolina Waters.

After 7 reasonable attempts at feedings in their ocean environment, sharks have definitively stated that 'all food must be treated equally among sea animals if you venture into the water'.  The frightening aspect of a Right Wing Legislature trying to curb the necessary feeding ground for millions of years of creationism has sparked an outrage among the fish within the North Carolina coast.

Elected Chairman of the Sharks Pearly Whitetooth declared "It is fabricated that we eat everything we see and that humans taste like chicken!  Humans are one of the most filthy organisms in the ocean and we only take a select few that crawl within our feeding grounds!"

Warnings have been posted on the beach advertising the Feed In yet beach goers still claim to own the water.  As Tid-Bit Morresel said "These beaches have been swam at for decades!  Who do them there sharks think they are! Jesus swam at this very beach and they left HIM alone!"

Confusion still lingers if the the bill will make it past the governors office for a veto threat.

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