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Friday, January 23, 2015

In my memoirs on the good friends I have met, let me highlight Allison Woolbert

In my memoirs on the good friends I have met, let me highlight Allison Woolbert, I am very active in the Unitarian Universalist Church, as I have already shown. We have a national initiative in our church called "Standing on the Side of Love" and she is a frequent contributor. I was delighted to also read in one of her frequent articles that she was a transgender community activist, and it was a natural consequence that I would contact her. We began a social network friendship and because of similar interests and a similarity of slightly off center humor, we became Facebook friends. Later she would visit New Orleans and my partner and I had the please to take Ms. Woolbert on a tour, which was a great-time-had-by-all event. She self defines herself as "Allison Woolbert - Trans* Feminist, Bisexual, Polyamorous, Writer, Programmer, Advocate & More.." So I place here a partial excerpt from her bio:

"Allison Woolbert is the CEO of Phoenix Consultants Group, an expert national software development firm, founder of the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal. An educator, speaker, writer and advocate in gender bias, gender identity, gender expression, erasure, human rights equality and religious abuse, Allison brings her unique perspective and humor that draws on a rich variety and unusual breadth of experience as a gender-affirmed woman in the 21st century."

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