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Thursday, January 29, 2015

An Amazing Woman - Allison Woolbert by Jackie R.

I met this amazing woman Allison Woobert a little over 6 years ago, she was still just starting to transition at the time. I saw and heard the pain in her life and my heart went out to her.  She very quickly became a dear friend and as time went on and I got to know this person who had come into my life.  I was in awe of the size of her heart. From the very start, she wanted to help others!! Here she was, her life falling apart around her and who was she thinking about; NOT herself, but of others like her and she did NOT want them to suffer as she was, and she swore she would do something to help them.. She has made it a point to fight (using words and education) any person or group who threatened transgender people. Male or female, to her it makes no difference, we are people to her, who deserve to be able live a happy content life without being in fear or pain. 

In time the idea that our community had so many suicides and we were being beaten and murdered at such an alarming rate, higher than genetic women or men, really upset her!! She was at her wits end to bring that to the eyes of the world and put a stop to it..  She never missed a Day of Remembrance Ceremony, she was often a key speaker. I have never seen her speak at one of these ceremonies the she did not have tears running down her face... it breaks her heart. Unlike others who give lip service, she gives her heart!! 

It took her a while, but she started a group called Trans* Violence Tracking Portal (TVTP) to help find cases of murdered Trans men and women that the police had let just drop because no one seemed to care  and it was so very successful.  It has help reopen and solve several other wise forgotten cases and justice has been done!. She has given up so much of her time AND money to do this kind work, not because Allison Woolbert had to, but because she really cares with all her heart!!!

But this has not come at a price. She has gotten the attention of those who HATE Transgender people for whatever reason and who would want us to just go away and die and THEY have attacked this wonderful lady and tried to destroy NOT only her work, but her legacy. They have told lies and slanderous stories in order to cast doubt on her honesty and motives. THEY are the ones who are of black heart and would do us harm, NOT Allison, she labored for us every day and has asked for NOTHING  and I see people who had exclaimed friendship turn on her and take the haters side in an instant forgetting that it was SHE who had done the work, SHE who had sacrificed, NOT them. 

She had fought for them day in and day out... never stopping always there, and how have they repaid her?? By attacking her because of hateful stories about her PAST.. She is NOT the person she was all those years ago!! NO ONE is. We have all changed, and yet they judge her on a past long gone and irrelevant. 

She got the petition for Leelah’s Law up and signed and sent to the President to stop the so called conversion therapy of trans children. Today one petition has over 300K who have signed it and the site has almost 100K today. 

The transgender community will sink once again into the tar pit of hate, cowardice and uncaring, as before. Just like the Bible wavers and Homophobes want for transgender people to be ignored and allowed to be exterminated like before with NO justice.  

It breaks my heart that Allison Woolbert has given so much and helped so many and now they turn their backs and jump on the hater’s band wagon. This is why transgender people will NEVER be free to live our lives.. WE are our own worst enemy NOT Allison. She is our Joan of  Arc and like Joan, she has been cast off and left to die no longer seen as the hero she is. This is why others will not stand up and speak! The cowards are NOT trust worthy and will not stand with Allison Woolbert when times get hard, you scatter or pick up a rock yourself. 

This community, and I use that word very loosely, is a disgrace and I am proud to know Allison Woolbert and will stand not behind, but beside her for as long as she wants me there. she is MY hero!! and she deserves better than cowards!

Jackie R.

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