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Monday, January 26, 2015

My Friend Allison Woolbert - Allison & Amethyst

I first met Allison Woolbert at a course we were both taking on Elements. The course was lead by two people that I have taken courses from before and had become friends with as well. Allison had graciously offered her home for this series of classes. Several of us met in Allison’s living room once a week. We were offered refreshments and had time for swapping stories and conversation after class. I guess I would call Allison’s home quaint, homey and a bit rustic. I felt very comfortable in Allison house. Besides learning the course material and loving the instructors I made two new friends Allison and Debbie.

Although I’m not very good at making new friends due in part to my crazy
work schedule (and other issues that remain from childhood experiences) Allison became a new friend. Allison and I saw each other at some  Circles  in Princeton. We tended to sit next to each other and chat. Another time we were sitting together was at a marriage ceremony at the church. Allison had been invited to participate in both the ceremony and the reception. Her outfit was lovely but I was eyeing the Amethyst Jewelry. Not only did I admired the jewelry but mentioned that I was going to an affair and looking for some purple jewelry to accessorize my outfit and Allison actually offered to let me borrow hers …even though at that point we had only know each other for a couple of months! I always think of Allison Woolbert and Amethyst together as I think of the purple stone alleviating negativity! This was even before I learned how much Allison has dedicated her time, energy, skills…her life….to alleviating so much of the negativity that others are faced with on a daily basis.

Then we became friends on Facebook and for quite a while Allison and I would instant message each other in the mornings. I would be at my desk having my breakfast and morning coffee and be chatting with Allison. Allison Woolbert and I always found something to discuss and found more and more that we are very simpatico. Then our schedules changed so our chatting was a bit more sporadic. I was just learning about the Transgender Violence Tracking project Allison created which has become an international tool for people and more recently the Leelah’s Law to be passed in the USA. This is some of Allison’s work (all volunteer) to save people from suffering, suicide and murder. If more of us could put even a tiny bit of our time into the type of work Allison Woolbert does, imagine what a better world we could have to live and thrive in!

My only regrets are missing Allison’s parties which I was invited to but did not attend (both the costume party and Birthday bash). Also that we have lived fairly close and have not gotten together more often and now Allison Woolbert is moving away. I’m sure we will remain cyber friends and will have to send you virtual hugs and kisses and wish you well form afar.

Thank you for being my friend Allison and thank you is not enough to say for how much you do to help others!!!

Linda P.