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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Meeting Biff- oh and Allison Woolbert

A friend of mine helped me out a while back and decided to write a small remembrance of the time we met.

Biff came into my life numerous years ago. His breed and demeanor was quiet and still, thus enabling him to assist Allison Woolbert in her adventures in new hope, pa.  She had a few days of recoup in a b&b, and frankly, really should have brought more snacks for this venture.

But Biff endured a lack of snacks, which from a dogs perspective, is a horrible offense. Biff endured.

I helped Biff get settled in Allison Woolberts room, and have kept an eye on him ever since.

He dealt with her when she set up hella tech in her house, set up a non profit, but mostly watched a lot of movies.

Pictures soon :)

Brian S.

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